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~Breathing life into a vision where spirituality, faith, and sexuality co-exist in harmony and celebration~

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What is Sex Coaching?

Sex Coaching is integrating the best of coaching (a pathway to being all you can be) with the best of sexology (the study of your sexual self) to create a powerful transformation in how you see and engage in your sexual experience. It is a process driven by the client’s desire to set and reach goals for sexual fulfillment. It offers:

  1. Personalized sex education and awareness: Information on sex and sexuality
  2. Mental reframing: Looks at sex in different and positive ways
  3. Emotional balance: Harmonizes your thoughts and feelings about sexual intimacy
  4. Intuitive guidance: Provides deep insight and direction
  5. Behavioral training: Changes the way you behave regarding sex
  6. Resource and referral management

Some areas I coach:

  • Little or no interest in sex (Not tonight dear)
  • Problems getting or holding an erection (Erectile dysfunction)
  • Problems ejaculating too soon (Early ejaculation)
  • Never had an orgasm (Pre-orgasmic primary)
  • Can’t orgasm with a partner (Pre-orgasmic secondary)
  • I can only “do it” with the lights off! (Body Issues)
  • Can’t relax and let go during sex (Sexual inhibitions)
  • Don’t like to be touched (Touch aversion)
  • He wants it and you don’t or vise versa (Uneven desire)
  • Problems talking about your sexual needs and wants (Negotiation skills conflicts)
  • No sex skills (Performance skills deficit)
  • Want more pleasure (Desire for enhanced pleasure)

What can sex coaching do for you?

  1. Remove blocks and obstacles to pleasure
  2. Eliminate negative mind sets and attitudes about sex
  3. Eliminate sexual frustration
  4. Create deeper intimacy
  5. Build sexual self confidence
  6. Heighten sexual fulfillment

Why is sex coaching so powerful? It is:

  • Dynamic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Results-driven
  • Empowerment-focused
  • Away from pathology, toward wellness
  • Positive awakening and transformation

How does sex coaching work?

When you work with a sex coach, your sexual wellness journey begins with a goals assessment. This allows your coach to chart a course of action to ensure you get the maximum results from your sex coaching program.

Dr. Patti Britton’s MEBES Model-The 5 phases of the Sex Coaching process

There are five areas that must be in alignment for sex to be fulfilling:

Mind-Information. Self-talk, thoughts about sexual performance, capacity for fantasy, and troubling thought patterns such as compulsivity.

Emotions-Feelings. Feelings that a person carries from the past about body and body image, what to suppress and express, how to express emotions, and capacity for intimacy.

Body-Physical. A person’s knowledge of how her own sexual pattern works, understanding of her own body’s architecture and function, and learning skills for how to be a successful lover.

Energy-Sex is all about energy! The build-up, the containment, and the expression of energy.

Spirit-The essence of self. Practices that transcend the moment (such as peak orgasm experiences), sacred sexuality, the more subtle and delicate manner in which people deny or reflect their inner self through sexuality, and the path of sex to experience God.

Coaching Program Fees

All of my coaching programs are designed to transform your relationship with sex and to enrich the quality of your sexual relationship.

ClassesOnline/In Person

Free 5-Day Mini-Course – Boost Your Sexual Self-Confidence 

A juicy and delicious 4-week workshop designed to educate you on sexual awareness like never before!


Grown Schooled-Healthy Adult Sex Education

Five weekly classes of the most enlightening, engaging, enriching education this side of California!

MARRIED. SEXY. FUN. Exclusive Monthly Membership Club

Finally, a membership that will celebrate you as a “MARRIED, SEXY, FUN, WOMAN, and help move you closer to your intimate dreams. Get ready to be enlightened like never before!
You will:
  • Enrich your relationship with your female sexuality
  • Nurture your marriage and your husband with empowering tips and information 
  • Recapture the spark in your marriage with weekly SexFix™ tips
  • Boost your sexual self-confidence through a special video series
  • Build your knowledge with the question of the month
  • Partner with other like-minded and passion-minded women
  • Enjoy discounts on trips, workshops, events, seminars, and special outings
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
As a bonus, you will receive access to our monthly calls, Intimate Conversations with Mavis; topics close to your heart and loins that are not so readily discussed in an open forum – 19.95 per month

One on one individual and couples coaching-Deeper more personal and private sessions-$110.00/Couples; $90.00/Individuals, per session. 4-6 week program, $90.00/$75.00 per session

For coaching to work, there are a few critical points that need to be recognized for the power they hold: Acceptance of where you are in life (what season), your age, your body, and who you are at this moment, i.e. yourself, fierce commitment, and a willingness to work. These powerful components will ensure you have the highest possibility of reaching your sexual goals, so you can live happily, sexually ever after!

Why work with Mavis?

For 10 years, Mavis McKnight has coached married individuals and couples on how to get the best out of their sexual relationship. She will help you find that sweet spot through education and experiential exercises that open up your heart to the power of giving and receiving. She will also teach you how to make sex fun again! She will help you increase your self-confidence and personal power. Because this is her passion, she has taken numerous classes and courses on a variety of human sexuality and sexual topics and has completed her Sex Coaching Certification. In addition, she has earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Human Services, all of which have prepared her to relate deeply to her clients.

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