“Yes, sex is private, personal, a sensitive topic, and hard to talk about.
But if you don’t talk about it, you can’t learn about it, or enjoy it.”
 – Mavis McKnight, M.S.

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Hello! We are on a mission to bring sexy and excitement to Christian marriage! We know sex is created and ordained by God and is a gift to marriage. Unfortunately, there are many Christian marriages suffering because of all the negative information that has been put out there over the centuries. It’s time we started working to get rid of the negativity and replace it with positive God-centered information. We need to know what God really says about sex in marriage between a man and a woman so we will post information to get you more educated about it. Our motto is “Learn About It. Talk About It. Be About It.” Sexual Intimacy God’s Way.  (This was just a sample. Read more!)

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This book will open your eyes to a lot of topics we have at times, about how females look at Love and Marriage from a different perspective than men do. Read it and you will come out happy you did! ~R.A.

Love this book! I feel every young couple should have this book. ~L.C.

Your book is phenomenal and informative! Chapter 10-Your Hubby’s Cheerleader gave me light. And thank you for the Red Carpet Reflections. It’s a great read! ~D.T.

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This book is dynamic! And it’s such an easy read. You share real stories from your experiences and you speak from a very candid voice. I love that! ~I.J.

“I’m loving your book! May God continue to use you to inspire those who need to hear your encouraging words.” ~RJ

“Your book is bad! What I love is you not only share WHAT we can do, but you also teach us the HOW. I love that!” ~JDT

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