Meet Mavis

Mavis McKnight, M.S.

Raised in a strict religious household, Mavis’ only views of sex were heard from the church.  What she heard was that sex was a sin, dirty, something good girls don’t talk about, let alone do.  God had a different idea. He called her to learn more and do more for Christian women, and to help them re-write their sex story.

Mavis understands the fear, shame, and embarrassment associated with sex, and the negative mindsets that become strong obstacles to sexual enjoyment.

In March 2010, God clearly spoke to Mavis that this was a life calling. Because she believes in this call, she has completed her Sex Coaching Certification and has taken numerous classes and courses on a variety of human sexuality and sexual topics. In addition, she has earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Human Services.

Through activities, games, creative and fun workshops, and coaching, she shows women how to take the stress, distress, and worry out of sex, and make sex fun again.  She believes that naming your sexual needs and boldness in speaking up for your needs is key to getting your sexual needs met.  Mavis is fiercely committed to helping women build personal power and sexual self-confidence.

Christian wives who want to eliminate sexual frustration, improve their health, and have more fulfilling sex, enjoy working with Mavis.  She helps move them past their blocks to sexual pleasure and delight.  Using real talk and deep care, Mavis encourages women to open up and share what matters most in their intimate relationship.  Then they can embrace and enjoy every ounce of pleasure that sex in their marriage brings to the table.  She empowers women to step into the courage it takes to become Queens of their sexual destiny. She is a proud wife and is also proud to be her husband’s girlfriend!

When Mavis is not bubbling over with passion to teach about sex, she enjoys traveling, reading, comedy, dancing, spending time with her super handsome, cool, adoring husband Carl, enjoying an amazing and sexy marriage, and having her grandkids over for a sleep-over…sometimes.

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