Sex Myth Education 101

Ladies, ignorance is no longer bliss and what you don’t know can really hurt you and keep you in bondage (no pun intended)!  There are some very important, long-held myths that can negatively impact your marriage and it’s important that you know what they are so you can be aware of them, be healed from their pain and move forward in establishing and maintaining a healthy, intimate and fun relationship with your spouse.

After years of study and counseling couples, I have compiled lots of great information that’s in an easy-to-read, immediately downloadable format that both of you can enjoy! Chapters include:

Chapter 1 – All in the Name of…His Pleasure 
Chapter 2 – Just His Thing Will Make You Sing 
Chapter 3 – He Is A Psychic Hotline 
Chapter 4 – Myth Awareness: It’s Importance 
Chapter 5 – Say it Loud: Why We Don’t Speak Up 
Chapter 6 – Myths Debunked: The Truth


There’s more! I’ve also included Seven (7) Tips to get you Started and a personal worksheet.

Knowledge is power and wisdom is freedom!  My heart is for everyone to become empowered with the freedom that knowledge brings so I’ve kept the price low so you can order it right away and enjoy the benefits.  $4.99 is a great price and when you are done reading it, contact me and let me know how it’s helped you!

Your friend,