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In Honor of Married Sex

Eduphoria is education and information about sex, intimacy, and bliss, all wrapped up in a fun, entertaining, and steamy story, that you can share and experience with your husband.  The star and main character India Rae James is a Christian wife and a believer with a personal relationship with God. She also understands His gift of sex to her marriage with her husband Jay. She regularly seeks God’s wisdom and the inspiration for her experiences flow out from her prayers. Although India experiences ups and downs, she never forgets where her help lies: In the Power of God!

Eduphoria not only increases your knowledge base in a unique way, but it also adds enjoyment to your learning! Read on!

Keep It Spicy

India needed to think of something sexy and enticing to excite her husband. This year would be their 10th wedding anniversary. She had made him a promise of special delights that she fully intended to keep.

India Rae James had married her husband Jay on a beautiful sunny day on a beach in The Bahamas. He was a minister and they were both believers, with a personal intimate relationship with God and a deep devotion to prayer. Jay is open-minded, caring, thoughtful, adventurous, and loves his wife. India is a firm believer in surrendering every aspect of her life, especially her intimate sexual relationship with her husband, to God. Since God is a God of passion and created intimate sexual pleasure for her and Jay to enjoy…Read More

Special Treat

India entered the bathroom and turned the handle on the Jacuzzi to full blast. Water shot from the jets with a force that reminded her of… secret private thoughts. A devilish smile formed on her lips as she recalled the expression on her husband’s face when her body began its erotic assault on his senses. Only hours before they were drenched in sweat, exchanging passionate kisses, working every muscle imaginable, quite obviously the effects of the “special treat” India arranged for her husband Jay…Read More

Moonlight Mischief

India closed her eyes and listened to the splashing waves roll up to the shore, the sound reminding her of the romp she and Jay had just enjoyed. Her imagination was always so vivid, her thoughts so intense, so captivating…

It had been over a month since India and Jay had been intimate because of ministry obligations and she had plans to end all of that with sparks and fireworks. India’s prayer to God was that she could come up with an exciting new adventure to share with her husband. Suddenly she thought of King Solomon’s bride who was an adventurous wife. India had learned that sometimes Solomon’s bride…Read More

Anytime, Anywhere

Stretched across the back seat of his burgundy and silver BMW, her body sank into the warm soft leather cushions, her legs resting comfortably over her husband’s shoulders. “Tell me what you like and how you like it,” Jay urged.” “Trace the letters of the alphabet; I especially like the lower case letter “i”, the erotic pleasure I get when the dot hits me,” India expressed boldly…

India truly believed in giving her marriage and sexual relationship to God. She said “Amen” and got up off of her knees. Her prayer was that she would experience sexual spiritual intimacy with her husband. She knew it was possible because she had learned that God viewed sex as a…Read More

The Pleasure Zone

Warm jasmine scented oil dripped between India’s breasts, mmm… Strong hands tenderly caressed every inch of her soft mounds. She felt a gentle pinch on one nipple. A moist tongue circled around the areola, adding feather-like strokes that created an unquestionable sign of arousal. A sound escaped from somewhere deep inside of her. She loved when her husband pleasured her girls. Jay was enjoying himself immensely. He loved the smell of her, the feel of her, the taste of her…Read More

First Comes the Healing

What?! God has a perspective about sex?! Who told you that?! It’s in the Bible? Where? India was beside herself when she first heard about it. Simply couldn’t believe it. Who would? Who could? “Where is it”, she demanded again. “This is something I must know about!” All India ever remembered was the negative talk, that it was a sin, dirty, only for the man’s enjoyment, a chore, something she just had to endure. But what she was hearing now was the total opposite, that God had thoughts on it; Good thoughts. That He wants married couples to enjoy exquisite intimate…  Read More

Basketball Luvin’: 3 Winning Sex Plays

“Goodness! Is this thing gonna hold us up?” The makeshift stairs creaked as India made her way into the dimly lit classroom. Scanning the scene from left to right, she silently questioned why there wasn’t more light? Hunching her shoulders she decided there must be a reason. She was late again anyway so who was she to question anything? She couldn’t even make it on time. What was her issue? She was probably somewhere daydreaming again. She had that problem you know. One minute she is deep into a project or conversation with someone and the next minute her mind finds itself off on a journey of…   Read More

**Although the stories above are not typical ways to educate women, they are put together to minister to you in the area of sexual intimacy with your husband. There is a high number of women that have lived more than half of their lives and never been taught about God’s perspective of sex and intimacy. Do you long for more intimacy with your husband? Do you long to be the sensual and sexual wife you and your husband desires you to be? Do you want to know what God says about sex in marriage between a husband and wife?  Get your personal copy of my sensitive, sexy, insightful book, “Secrets of a Good Wife: Sex Truths and Other Marriage Essentials”.

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