New Attitude

In Honor of Married Sex…

“Have any of you ladies ever experienced a G-Spot orgasm?”, the hostess asked? Only two hands went up. “Twenty-five healthy, sexual women and only two of you raised your hands”, she responded almost incredulously. Lowered heads and mumbling began to sprinkle throughout the crowd which quickly confirmed the answer. The hostess held up her hand and stated with the confidence and assurance of the expert that she was, “Before this party is over, you ladies will most certainly have the basic knowledge you will need to take back to your husband so you can get started on your journey to one of the most powerful, pleasurable feelings God ever created…

India and Jay had just left the Marriage Seminar given by their Pastor and First Lady. “Boy, they were really getting deep weren’t they?” Jay said. “Yeah, that’s one thing I had heard about them that they talk about things other churches don’t dare talk about”, India replied. India shook her head and thought about how they also do things other churches don’t do, like what First Lady did right before they left…

First Lady! Are you serious?! India had replied with utter shock as she opened and read what her Pastor’s wife had given her: a private invitation to an exclusive lingerie party that she simply called, “New Attitude”. India never expected to receive anything like this from a First Lady! A First Lady? All she said was, “You’ll love it. I guarantee it. See you there!” Then she turned and elegantly sashayed back through the hotel entrance.

A smile spread across India’s face along with a tinge of mischief as she realized what this actually meant: She wasn’t the only one who believed in fun and adventure when it came to the bedroom. The First Lady had also added intrigue to the already risqué invitation with a note that her guests would be treated to a special surprise at the conclusion of the party. India shook her head to clear the thoughts that were threatening to take over her imagination but she couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like.

India pulsated with excitement. She had grabbed her girl Asa and dragged her along kicking and screaming. Asa was somewhat of a prude, embarrassed by anything sexual. This was India’s chance to bust her right up out of that frigid, closed-minded, tight thinking of hers.

The party was exciting and wonderful! India had never been to anything like it! She thought it was imaginative, informative, fun, and very, very adult. India had eagerly soaked up the information from the party and couldn’t wait to share it with her husband. She may have had trouble remembering some things but this was not one of those times! Her memory was like a tape recorder once the party hostess started giving them the details…

“First Lady, this party is something I’ll never forget. Thank you for inviting me”, India said sincerely. She jumped in her car with a huge smile on her face and a little moisture in her garden, anticipating the ecstasy and delight she would experience with her husband tonight. She definitely had a new attitude!

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