Moonlight Mischief

In Honor of Married Sex…

India closed her eyes and listened to the splashing waves roll up to the shore, the sound reminding her of the romp she and Jay had just enjoyed. Her imagination was always so vivid, her thoughts so intense, so captivating…

It had been over a month since India and Jay had been intimate because of ministry obligations and she had plans to end all of that with sparks and fireworks. India’s prayer to God was that she could come up with an exciting new adventure to share with her husband. Suddenly she thought of King Solomon’s bride who was an adventurous wife. India had learned that sometimes Solomon’s bride received pleasure from her husband and sometimes she initiated pleasure. She recalled that in Chapter 7: 11-13 Solomon’s bride had excited him by suggesting they take a vacation together and make love outdoors in the countryside. India’s plan wouldn’t include the countryside but it certainly would include the outdoors!

The view from their balcony was magnificent. Pools of brilliant blue sea stretched as far as the eye could see. In the distance, children frolicked, parents lounged, and lovers walked along the shore. Jay eased up behind his wife, wrapped his arms around her, and kissed her softly in the spot that always made her shiver. She welcomed the sweet sensations. She turned to face him, caressing him with her eyes and kissed him deeply…

Stars lit up the midnight sky. “Get the chaise and take it out onto the balcony Jay”, India insisted. Satisfied that it was in the right position she motioned for her husband to lay down on it. She unbuckled his belt and his eyes brightened, flashed with understanding. She lowered his cargo shorts down over his rear, then lowered his Calvin Klein’s. His heart started to beat faster. His breathing became quick and shallow. His forehead glistened with thin beads of sweat. He sprang to life at the very thought of what his wife was about to do for him…

India moistened her full lips, the flavor of cinnamon and spice tickling her taste buds. She began ministering to her husband, delighting him in the most intimate way. His moans of genuine pleasure signaled that her mission was in full effect. She truly wanted to please her husband. She was fully absorbed in him. Jay could feel she was enjoying herself and one quick glance confirmed his thoughts.  “You look like you’re really enjoying yourself”, Jay managed to creak out. India locked eyes with him and seductively held his gaze, her answer evident in her exploits. His jaws clenched, eyes rolled back in his head, an explosion threatening to undo him. He had never loved any woman the way he loved his wife and everything she did for him reminded him why.

Satisfied that she had thoroughly pleased her husband, India stood to her full height and maneuvered her legs so they rested on either side of Jay’s torso. Slowly she leaned forward, planting juicy wet kisses on his chest, his neck, and finally his lips. Electrifying sensations coursed up his spine. Grabbing her he pulled her to him and kissed her with the fervor of a man obsessed. He thought she tasted like candy. “You taste so sweet”, Jay whispered in her ear. Her smile told him that she appreciated his comment.

She leaned over and reached for the cowboy hat that went perfectly with the purple high heels she was sporting. “You’re too much”, Jay laughed clearly amused. “Just call me Cowgirl Jane”, India playfully responded. “No just call you sexy”, Jay countered, with an unexpected seriousness. Desire clouded her eyes. She took charge, shifted her frame, lowered herself onto her husband and under the light of the moon they made love to the rhythm of the ocean waves.

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