Marriage Coaching

Marriage 101

Bringing to Life God’s Vision of Marriage between a Man and a Woman

Marriage 101 is dedicated to providing solutions to marriage challenges and creating happy marriages.

Top 10 Marriage Maximizers

Our mission is to empower married couples with practical as well as biblical information, tools, tips, and resources so husbands and wives can experience the maximum benefits from their marriage relationship, the way God intended.

Our vision is to see marriages happy, balanced, engaging, and fulfilling.

Our purpose is to bring back the appeal and attractiveness to marriage between a man and woman.

Our concept is staying happy and in love for life!

Our Core Beliefs are:

  • Prayer is our central theme
  • God desires all women to be married but does not require it
  • Giving your marriage to God obligates Him to help preserve it
  • Provide motivation, inspiration, and education
  • Provide new perspectives on marriage, sex, and men
  • Happiness and fulfillment begin with the individual
  • God gives the gift of sex to marriage between and man and woman
  • Motivation to change is the beginning of change

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