Special Treat

In Honor of Married Sex…

India entered the bathroom and turned the handle on the Jacuzzi to full blast. Water shot from the jets with a force that reminded her of… secret private thoughts. A devilish smile formed on her lips as she recalled the expression on her husband’s face when her body began its erotic assault on his senses. Only hours before they were drenched in sweat, exchanging passionate kisses, working every muscle imaginable, quite obviously the effects of the “special treat” India arranged for her husband Jay.

It was Jay’s 39th birthday and India wanted to do something special for him since he was feeling the effects of nearing the BIG 4-0. Her plan included whisking him off to Las Palmas in Palm Springs right after church. She loved the ambience and couldn’t wait to be surrounded by the hotel’s romantic atmosphere. She chided herself for having trouble staying focused during the sermon and asked for forgiveness. But she reminded God that it was He who had given her the gift of longing and desire for her husband, then added a soft “thank you.”

She loved to keep things hot when it came to her intimate sexual relationship with her husband. She made a vow to God to keep her marriage a priority and fully intended to keep her promise the way God has kept His promises to her. She knows God intends for her and her husband to experience exquisite sexual pleasure through physical love and that He smiles on her plans to create passion and fun…

India’s eyes sparkled with excitement, alert, smiling. She sent Jay out to get ice to chill the cider. She lit her jasmine candle, closed her eyes, and took in the familiar aroma; “mmm”, she breathed. Just as Jay walked back into the room she pressed play on the CD recorder and “Unthinkable” by Alicia Keys filled the room. She turned around and greeted eyes full of surprise; eyes that slowly began speaking the language she loved: curiosity, desire, appreciation, and love, as she began a slow provocative stroll toward him. “Sit”, she softly commanded, and Jay readily complied, only briefly taking his eyes from hers. He was intrigued and filled with anticipation.

India’s body oozed sexiness as she delighted her husband with sensual, exotic movements; smooth, flowing, stirring, arousing, spiritual. Her soft round hips gracefully swayed from side to side inviting her husband into her groove; Swirling in circular motions, rotating, arms stretched toward heaven, turning, slowly bending with movements as graceful as a swan, elevating her backside and exposing her jewel, bestowing upon him a generous eye full. Jay was beside himself, couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. She was captivating. His mouth watered. He swallowed hard.

Jay’s mind was like a tornado, swirling with erotic thoughts. He moistened his lips, and had to force himself not to reach out and touch her. He wanted to respect the gift she was giving to him. India closed her eyes briefly, soul and spirit intertwined enjoying the full experience, and when she opened her eyes she noticed a swelling in her husband’s denims. She lowered her head, peaked from under her lashes, smiled seductively, but remained silent, and continued to entice him. There was no need for words.

The music slowly came to an end and Jay didn’t hesitate to take India into his strong embrace and plant kisses of appreciation and love all over her face, then her body. His breath was hot and her skin tingled with pleasure. He laid her back and India welcomed her husband into her. It was a special night filled with passion, excitement, and wonder.

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