Keep It Spicy

In Honor of Married Sex…

India needed to think of something sexy and enticing to excite her husband. This year would be their 10th wedding anniversary. She had made him a promise of special delights that she fully intended to keep.

India Rae James had married her husband Jay on a beautiful sunny day on a beach in The Bahamas. He was a minister and they were both believers, with a personal intimate relationship with God and a deep devotion to prayer. Jay is open-minded, caring, thoughtful, adventurous, and loves his wife.

India is a firm believer in surrendering every aspect of her life, especially her intimate sexual relationship with her husband, to God. Since God is a God of passion and created intimate sexual pleasure for her and Jay to enjoy, she always prays to God for guidance and wisdom. This time was no different. That’s when the idea came to India to set up a mystery date with her husband…

India had thought about this day for two entire months straight. The hands of the clock ticked, 2:45pm. She only had five hours before her plan would be set in motion. She lit her jasmine scented candle and opened her bedroom closet door, eyeing her outfit for the evening. Black. Sexy. Classy. Satisfied, she took out her purchase from Fredrick’s and laid the sexy piece out on the bed.

Images of passionate lovemaking seized her attention and she blushed and smiled involuntarily. Nerves of excitement cursed through her like lightening. She sat down at her dressing table and with shaky hands scribbled a note to her husband and taped it to the mirror on the dresser. Her breath quickened just thinking of what she was about to do…

Oh no, it happened again! India was known for getting lost in her thoughts. She wondered where the time had gone. 3:15pm. Hopping in and out of the tub in record time, she did a quick check of her inventory, packed it up, and hurried out of the door.

Her make-up appointment was 30 minutes away and she was already behind schedule. Although her gas tank was close to “E”, she figured she could make it. Running up a flight of stairs, she had finally made it, plopped down in the chair, and tried to catch her breath. She felt hot, sweaty, and rattled. In dismay she thought, “This is no way to start off this mystery date.”

She needed to calm down and flow into it. Deep breathing always aligned her so she eased into a rhythm: in, out, in out.  “Close your eyes, look up, turn your head”, her make-up artist instructed. “How does it look to you?” Looking into the mirror, her eyes widened in awe, speaking volumes. “Is that me? Oh, Jay is going to be blown away”, India responded in amazement.

Thigh-high fishnet stockings pulled on slowly, carefully. With her sexy black heels buckled, she pulled out the sexy piece. She elegantly stepped into it, lifted the straps over her shoulders, and ran her hands gently down her hips.

The delicate fabric was soft to her touch and stirred longings inside. There was that image again. Allowing the image to move through her and bathe her in erotic sensations, she lifted her hot little number over her head and shimmied into it. She looked at her reflection and smiled, pleased with what was staring back at her. Now she was ready.

She headed to a very intimate restaurant situated on the top floor of a hotel overlooking the city. Jay didn’t have any idea what was in store but he was all too delighted to play along. He was waiting in the lobby and felt her heat before he even saw her. The minute he did, his eyes flashed. He lifted his brows in a sensual way, licked his lips, and stood to greet her, appreciation written all over his face. “Uhmm…hey gorgeous. What’s your name?” Feeling sexy, powerful, and eager she wasted no time as she sashayed over to him without breaking eye contact. She pressed her body into him, signaling a promise of something special. Her hunger for him more than food, apparent.

They were led to a dimly lit table, a single candle gracing its top. The flickering flame symbolized the burning India felt inside for her husband. They began with small talk. That quickly escalated to hot talk. They shared a tasty blend of kisses; soft and tender, wet and juicy, hot and frenzied. Her heart raced and passion began to bubble up from deep in her core. She was lost in him. Reluctantly breaking away, Jay looked at his wife with desire flooding his eyes and said, “I love you, let’s get out of here.” They cut out before dinner even arrived!

Driving down the street in separate cars side by side they flirted all the way back to the house. Once there, Jay struggled with the locks but eventually busted through the door, led her inside, and even knocked over a few pieces of furniture. Jay lifted India up onto the dining room table, placed hot, juicy kisses all over her, undressed her, threw her legs over his shoulders and…well let’s just say, it was a night neither one would soon forget. They surely know how to keep it spicy…

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