Meet Mavis

Mavis McKnight, M.S.

For as long as she can remember, Mavis has been aware of her sexuality. However, over the years she has learned that a number of women have true hang-ups about their sexuality, as well as sex. She needed to know why it was different for her, so she started reflecting and asking God for an answer.

To her surprise, God took her back to when she was a mischievous teenager, ruffling under her mother’s mattress, looking for change to buy candy, when she found the book, “The Joy of Sex! She was instantly drawn in.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she grabbed the book, thumbed through it, and saw a ton of pictures of sex positions! She didn’t know the names then but she does now: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, and Spooning, to name a few. She doesn’t remember reading one word but clearly remembered those pictures!

God in His infinite wisdom and genius, really brought it all together when He allowed her to connect that experience with how free she feels in her sexuality.

Not a Victim but a Victor!

Mavis grew up Apostolic with strict religious beliefs from the church. Her father was a preacher her entire life, and she heard all the negative messages about sex that everyone else did: Sex is a sin, sex is dirty, sex is a chore, sex is for taking care of your husband’s needs, a woman shouldn’t like sex too much.

But thankfully, the message from finding her mother’s book rang so much louder than those restrictive, bondage promoting, sex negative messages. That experience is what empowers her to be free, open, and accepting of her sexuality, and not trapped in life-draining, spirit strangling, sexual bondage.

Although she thought she knew what direction she was headed in life, God had a different idea. He called her to learn more and do more for Christian wives, and to help them re-write their sex story.

Take a moment right now to schedule a complimentary coaching call and share with me what you need, and we can discuss how I can best support you. Your session will be confidential, discreet and caring.

When Mavis is not bubbling over with passion to teach about sex, she enjoys traveling, reading, comedy, dancing, spending time with her super handsome, cool, adoring husband Carl, enjoying an amazing and sexy marriage, and having her grandkids over for a sleep-over…sometimes.

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