Here is what people are saying!


“We love your book! We have grown so much closer since your event. Bishop did an excellent job breaking things down from the man’s point of view. Your book has enhanced our relationship and the sex is juicy!”

“This content blew my mind!

This is truly a How-To Manual.”

“This book gives me fresh ideas to help me spice up my bedroom.”

“This is a Playbook for Christians!”

“This book allows married couples to feel the freedom to express themselves sexually. I am absolutely gonna get this book because I am so passionate about sex with my husband and our connection!”


I came into this 2-Day Retreat with a lot of apprehension and fear. On a scale from 1-10, I would say my number started in the negative, because I had so much baggage. After working with Mavis and being able to talk openly and freely about my history, and realizing how it impacted my sex-life, my rating shot up to a 10! This Retreat was life-changing for me! ~T. F.

“Attending the 2-Day Retreat opened me up a lot! Church people don’t talk about sex and sometimes you want to have an outlet. When you do talk about it, people start to look at you differently. Working with Mavis allowed me to feel free to talk and get things out in the open. My husband was so excited about what I was learning he kept poking his head in the room trying to hear the things I said! What I learned in those 2 days has helped me to communicate so much better with my husband about my sexual needs, his sexual needs, and how we can make our sexy time better. We are so much closer now!” ~N. M.


I’m loving your book! It’s REAL AND HILARIOUS! Very informative. ~MW

Your book is very enlightening, informative, and gave me great motivation. It’s also a great book for single women who want to be wives. ~TJ

This book will open your eyes to a lot of topics we have at times, about how females look at Love and Marriage from a different perspective than men do. Read it and you will come out happy you did! ~RA

Love this book! I feel every young couple should have this book. ~LC

Your book is phenomenal and informative! Chapter 10-Your Hubby’s Cheerleader gave me light. And thank you for the Red Carpet Reflections. It’s a great read! ~DT

Your book is amazing!!! ~VW

This book is dynamic! And it’s such an easy read. You share real stories from your experiences and you speak from a very candid voice. I love that! ~IJ

“I’m loving your book! May God continue to use you to inspire those who need to hear your encouraging words.” ~RJ

“Your book is bad! What I love is you not only share WHAT we can do, but you also teach us the HOW. I love that!” ~JDT


There is an adage: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Totally wrong! You are never too old to learn something new. Mavis’ Biblical and holistic approach to exploring our God-given sexuality has freed me from self-limiting beliefs regarding sex. Take a chance and let go of your inhibitions! You’ll experience Heaven on Earth! Thank you! ~JQ

My favorite part of the book was embracing my sexuality and sexual self-confidence. That taught me that it was definitely ok to be ok with my body, and giving myself the freedom to be who I am as a sexual being. The class was fun, informative, and uninhibited. Once you read it and do the exercises, you will be glad you took this journey. ~BI

The workshop that First Lady facilitated was so eye opening and rewarding and by far so empowering in assisting me in embracing my sexuality as a lady. The journal and workshop put me on a journey that I have embraced and look forward to taking. This subject matter of sexuality is taboo in the church and not discussed. I have a new mindset and We will use this knowledge to empower others! ~YE

The beauty of the work of Mavis McKnight is her ability to make an uncomfortable topic for many comfortable. What she sows in the lives of women who attend her workshops and coaching sessions is phenomenal. My biggest take away from her sessions, “When we withhold sex from our mates we withhold from self. The second take away was to get familiar with my sexuality and intimacy. Touching, moving/dancing, and having fun. Coach Mavis is the bomb dot com! ~IJ


“I learned how vital it is to be more vocal about my wants and needs. First Lady Mavis helped me learn how to grow in my intimate relationship with my spouse.” ~B.D. 

I loved the open dialogue, discussions, stories, and the hands on experience. Thank you First Lady for stepping into your destiny! ~S.L.


My husband and I were struggling in our sex life and due to the nature of the conversation we were having troubles finding help with friends or family and even in couples counseling. My husband is a very shy person and gets embarrassed easily so it was like pulling teeth to talk about these issues. We ended up getting a suggestion to speak with Mavis through our couples counseling and I am SO HAPPY we did!

Not only is Mavis the sweetest women I have ever met but she is also super professional and truly gets to know you as a couple and figure out the real issues. She made us feel comfortable almost immediately and made us at ease to really figure out what we were struggling with. I even noticed my husband almost excited on the days we had our counseling session to talk with Mavis and let her know our progress!

It was wonderful, and it was nice to put ourselves first for once and our sex life on the front burner. I would absolutely suggest Mavis 100 times over! Thank you again Mavis, for everything you did for us! 

~Lots of love, The Harberts 


After working with Mavis, I feel like I’m born-again! I feel so amazing and I’m really happy! I used to think God would punish me for self-loving sex, but it’s not like that. I see myself and my body differently and I feel so empowered. I never knew a woman could feel good from the clitoris. I always thought it was from the vagina. Now I know the clitoris is for me and I’m getting to know me and loving me!

She is so good at what she does. I needed to get with a professional and I’m so happy I did! I have come so far and I thank God He put Mavis in my life to help me heal and grow. She did a great job with me and I know if she did that with me, she can do a great job for anybody! I am so happy! ~YP