Intimate e-Sensuals: Mission Possible

Hello! We are on a mission to bring sexy and excitement back into the Christian marriage! I know sex is created and ordained by God and is a gift to marriage. Unfortunately, there are so many Christian marriages suffering because of all the negative information that has been put out there over the centuries and it’s time we started working to get rid of the negativity and replace it with positive God-centered info. We need to know what God really says about sex in marriage between a man and a woman so I will be posting information to start getting you more educated about it. My motto is “Learn About It. Talk About It. Be About It.” Sexual Intimacy God’s Way.

Let’s start it from the beginning. What does that really mean? It means Healthy, Sexy, Happy Relationships! Are you a happy wife or a sad wife? A happy wife understands healthy relationships, healthy boundaries, and healthy sex. To get there you have to start from ground zero, the foundation and work your way up. How? Be willing to find the thing that makes you feel beautiful inside and loving inside and valuable inside. Be willing to unleash unconditional self-love, uncompromising self-acceptance, and unceasing self-appreciation. If a woman isn’t happy with herself she certainly can’t and won’t enjoy anything that resembles sex or anything else in her relationship. Your happiness is all about you! Do you want to be happy? My hope is that you do.

Six Reasons God Created Sex

So many voices, so many opinions, so many negative comments about sex! It’s no wonder so many married Christian women don’t know what to believe about it! If you ask God why He created sex you think He wouldn’t have an answer? This is God we’re talking about. If you don’t know I will tell you. Intimate Issues lists six reasons God created sex: 1) To Create Life; 2) For Intimate Oneness; 3) For Knowledge; 4) As a Defense against Temptation; 5) For Comfort; 6) For Pleasure. And Laura Brotherson listed a few more excellent reasons: Expressing love, physical, emotional, spiritual bonding, and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit! WOW! After God created sex He said it was gooood!

Get a New Attitude about Sex

“What do you think about sex?” Where did you get your attitudes about it? What were you taught? Does your definition of sex include words like dirty, worldly, unladylike? Or do you associate sex with feelings of shame, embarrassment, and guilt?  If you’re like most women, you may have not learned anything positive or anything at all about sex from your mother. Unfortunately many mothers were too uncomfortable with their own sexuality to even talk about it with you. The Result? Negative conditioning that has been deeply internalized. This not only from your mother but also from the church! How in the world did so much negative press get attached to such a beautiful gift from God?

Dr. Laura Brotherson points out that a lack of godly perspective and the abundance of negatives and warnings regarding sex has led some to believe sex is not of God at all-but of Satan. Then societal conditioning adds to the problem with their bombardment of it on TV, videos, the Internet, books, magazines, movies, and music! As a believer with a strong relationship with God, be willing to get a new attitude about sex by receiving and embracing God’s idea about sex in marriage. Be careful not to dishonor God for the gift He has given you for your marital happiness.

I know this can be a tough subject to explore.  Check out my blog called “I Feel Your Pain”. Because I was where you are right now.  And there is hope for your situation.

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  1. I’m so excited to be able to teach my women’s Bible study today! Sending peace and blessings to my mentor/marriage coach 1st Lady Mavis McKnight on her successful book of “Secrets Of A Good Wife!” THE LADIES LOVED IT!
    ~Author Savannah West~

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