Intimate E-Sensuals – Painful Sex, Simple Solutions

HELP! I’m as dry as a desert down there… The sun is blazing, tumbleweeds are tumbling, the air is thinning, and all you can think of is how dry it is in this desert. You immediately think of how dry it has been lately, in another place…a place on your body; your nether region. And the dryness is causing you more pain than you’re willing to deal with during sex.

You’ve been struggling to find out what the problem is and haven’t been able to come up with anything. You’re aroused during your lovemaking but you just aren’t getting “wet down there” like you use to and it’s becoming a real point of contention, not to mention frustration.

You’re terrified to ask anyone for fear of being embarrassed and shamed off the face of the earth, and may secretly google it but don’t want to take the chance of anyone seeing your search history. So, you just suffer and deal with it, and begin to accept it as a part of your life.

Well, that ends today because there are simple causes, and simple solutions that I will share with you. But first, this… If you experience pain during sex there could very well be a medical condition that needs to be looked at. If this is the case please consult your gynecologist or a medical professional that specializes in female sexual conditions.

If it’s simple vaginal dryness, there are a few things that may be the culprit.

1. Certain prescription drugs, even over the counter medicines can dry mucous membranes, in turn drying out the vagina.

2. In peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women, hormonal imbalance is the culprit, i.e., insufficient levels of estrogen in many aging women which leads to little or no lubrication from natural responses. (If this is your case please consult a medical professional for prescriptions for products, creams, or hormones if you so desire).

3. Your feelings about your partner/spouse that may cause you to suppress your arousal.

Since I have already answered #2, and the answer to #3 is you have to explore your relationship to pinpoint if there are any emotional issues that need to be addressed, we will move on to #1.

The simple answer is to first be mindful of the medication you are taking. And second…purchase some lubricants. Yes lubricants. I know this may be a new and scary, even embarrassing concept for you but it is a completely common answer to the dry desert situation.

But first, you have to change your mind-set about it. After that, you can even make it a date and an adventure, for you and your spouse to go to a romance store. If you absolutely can’t do the date thing, go it alone; and be sure to actually go.

Lastly, a few tips on how to choose the right lubricant for you.

• Look for the first ingredient to be water or aloe.

• Be aware of certain ingredients such as glycerin which turns to pure sugar when it dries. This may throw off a woman’s natural ph balance and cause irritation or yeast infections.

• Silicone lubricants never feel sticky and creates long-lasting glide. • Some gels or liquids can contain a plant-based by-product instead of silicone, which provides a smooth glide and feels very silky.

• If you prefer natural or organic, there are many definitions of natural so be sure to read the bottles for ingredients.

**Lubricants help enhance your couple sexual experience and can bring you closer together.

One final note: Please don’t ever use Vaseline. It can also throw off the natural ph balance of your vagina and be hard to remove. Here’s to your sexual wellness and health!

*These tips are selected especially for you. Take them, use them, and most of all, have fun with them!* Sincerely wishing you marital and intimate success!

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