Intimate e-Sensuals: 5 Reasons Most Women Can’t Attract Her Perfect Fit

Do we still believe in Prince Charming, the Fairy Tale, and living happily ever after? You bet we do! Research shows that, even though gender roles are changing women still seek the ideal romance and may still seek the fairy tale marriage.

But it seems women are having trouble finding their Prince; but why? My own informal research revealed that women believe the main reason is that there is a shortage of good men, because women outnumber men by a 2:1 ratio.

I thought about that for a while and had an epiphany and it was this: There is not a shortage of good men, only a shortage of women that are truly ready for a good man! So what is standing between you and your Prince? How can you get ready? What can you do to attract your perfect fit?

Below I have listed 5 reasons women can’t attract her Prince and simple steps to help turn things around! Not surprisingly you hold all of the power!

1. Your negative attitude and mindset about men

You may have had very negative experiences with men whether it was in childhood, teenage-hood, young adulthood, or even currently. You may have formed very negative views and attitudes in the process and may not be aware of it. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common repellants to your ideal man.

To turn this around, go inside of yourself and sincerely pray, meditate, and ask God for help to find the reasons you harbor these views. Then begin to forgive each one of them. You will keep drawing Mr. Wrong to you until you decide to turn the focus inside and change your negative views. Once you do this you will begin to attract a higher caliber of men to you; Hence possibilities.

Word to the wise: You will only attract to you what’s projecting from inside of you.

2. Fear of being alone

When you have a fear of being alone, you create exactly what you fear. The Law of Attraction states that what you think and believe you will attract to you. No matter what actions you take on the outside, i.e., doing everything perfect for your man in order to keep him, you will always attract men that will use and eventually leave you.

The reason: You wear your fear and desperation on your sleeve, become unattractive to men, and start to repel them. Then you’re left wondering why this keeps happening to you. Take some time to develop the qualities in yourself that you are looking for in your ideal man. The more you become that person the more attractive you will be to those same types you wish to attract; Hence possibilities.

3. Your belief that he doesn’t exist

Your beliefs are everything! If you don’t believe your perfect fit exists, he won’t. You can say he exists 1000 times in the morning and 1000 times before you go to bed. But if they are just words with no belief, no feelings or emotions, and no change in your energy, you are wasting precious breath and time.

In order to change your beliefs, you must be sincere in your actions and you must be willing to believe. Here is an easy to remember 4-step process for you. Everything starts with a thought. Your thoughts attached with feelings and desires become your beliefs. Your beliefs become your actions, and your actions create results.

The more you utilize this process, you will eventually believe your perfect fit really does exist and that he is waiting for you; Hence possibilities.

4. You believe you don’t deserve him

All of the underserving you feel comes from negative past experiences. You believe you are not good enough, worthy enough, not lovable enough, or valuable enough. Maybe it was when you had something special going on, a graduation or special performance and no one showed up.

You turned that disappointment inward and concluded that you must not be important enough for people to show up and support you. As a result, you grew up feeling devalued, believing that you didn’t deserve certain things like love or happiness. You never lost those feelings and as you grew older you just carried them around and operated from that place without even realizing it.

There is a way these feelings can be dissolved: By learning to love yourself and accept that you are capable of great love; it is there to remind you that you are loved fully in every moment. Just decide to do it and trust the process. The love inside of you is enough to let you know you deserve the very best; Hence possibilities.

This brings us to the fifth and final reason most women can’t find their perfect fit.

5. Lack of self-love, self-respect, self-value, self-honor, and unworthiness

Most men can see and sense all that is emanating from you. If you lack self-love, self-value, self-worth he sees it in your actions. If you lack self-confidence and self-respect, he sees it in your posture and your demeanor. One major thing you must realize is that everything you desire starts with you!

You must rely on your inner resources to bring to you the things you want. For example, if you want more love you have to cultivate the love that is inside of you. If you want a bigger house, cars, or money in the bank, you have to start inside with your beliefs. If you want to attract your perfect fit, you have to become that women who is a perfect fit for who you’re trying to attract.

Be careful not to use sex and outer beauty to influence or persuade. Although those things do matter, they will never give you what you truly desire. A man will fall in love with you for who you are inside, your inner strength, courage, beauty, confidence, and power; In addition, your ability to be vulnerable and feminine.

Start paying more attention to yourself; Loving, listening, trusting, honoring, respecting, and valuing you. Soon you will see that the power has been inside of you all along. And if you are in the percentage of women who still believe in your Prince Charming, you can take this new knowledge and apply it, and the universe will line up with your energy of self-love and with your desires.

And before you know it, your perfect fit Prince will come riding on his horse to take you away; Hence, possibilities for a long lasting, deeply satisfying, fulfilling, happy marriage. There is no substitute for genuine self-love.

Are you ready to find love? Let’s start with you!

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