Intimate e-Sensuals: Find Your Voice

A Good Wife Secret

You’ve just had one of your “sexcapades” with your husband. He’s satiated, you’re frustrated. He’s dozing, you’re staring. Now, he’s snoring and you’re fuming. You’re thinking, “How can I tell this dude this ain’t working for me, and that I‘d like him to try other things so I can be satiated, doze off, and snore too? Chapter 14 of my book, “Secrets of a Good Wife: Sex Truths and Other Marriage Essentials”, explains when and how to bring this subject to your husband. Purchase your personal copy.

Most women are bold when they are criticizing, complaining, or fussing at the kids. Or, sometimes even when they have to share unpleasant news with a friend or family member. But unfortunately, when it comes to speaking up for their bedroom needs and desires, it’s like someone put an invisible muzzle on their mouths and clamps them shut. If this is your challenge, never fear, because I will share with you just what to do to get you over this hump.

Sexual Power Tool-Speaking Freely

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we all had the power tool to speak freely about our needs and desires? God wants you to use that power tool so you can learn to enjoy your sexual life with your husband by sharing your desires with him. If you’re like millions of women, you may be shy or extremely uncomfortable talking to your husband about this subject.”

If you’re dying to express your needs or desires to your hubby, but can’t seem to say the words, an excellent way is to write it out.

Here’s how you do it. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think for a few minutes about what makes you feel good sexually, what you like, how you like to be touched, kissed, and caressed.

Now write a short paragraph to your hubby about it. Always start your communication with a compliment and precede it with whatever your term of endearment is, i.e., Baby, Honey, Sweetie, Big Daddy, etc., then “When we’re making love, I really like it when you…” Or, “It feels so good to me when you…” Or, “I love how you…

If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable you can start with sharing your level of comfort when you talk about sex and your feelings about it. Be as clear and straightforward as possible.

Then set aside side some time, grab your letter, take a drive somewhere, maybe out to the beach, or the park, a coffee shop, one of his favorite spots, etc., or somewhere you can sit quietly and talk. Take a couple of deep breaths then dive right in and begin to read. Or you can ask him to read it.

The End Game

Once you are done, engage your hubby in conversation. Ask him how he feels about what you just shared. This can be a very enlightening talk. And you will not only have given your hubby vital information so he can truly please you, but it also has the potential to bond, connect, and bring you closer together.

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