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Hello, my beautiful Sister!
Here are a few nuggets to help you skyrocket the passion in your marriage and sex life!

Hot Husband High-Jinx is a time set aside for you to focus solely on your King, your Boo, your Big Daddy, or whatever your pet name is for him, and show him that little girls are made up of more than sugar and spice and everything nice; but are also made up of sensuality, sexiness, and sizzlin’ surprises!

To show him who you are, I invite you to the 7-Day Passion Challenge. So that you’ll know where I’m going with this, you’re about to reap a harvest!

Passion means, to feel strong love or sexual desire toward. You give to whom you feel passion for, in this case, your husband.

One thing I do know is that good husbands love pleasing their wives and making them happy. I also know that generally, when they are the recipients of something thoughtful and memorable, they will return the favor. So, not only will your husband reap the benefits of the 7-Day Passion Challenge, so can you! It’s a win-win!

Each day there is a different challenge to get you more connected, bring you more pleasure, and ignite more excitement. Here’s how the Challenge is set up.

Marmalade Monday. Talk to each other in another language, maybe French, which is one sexy style. Learn to say “I love you”, “You’re the sexiest man/woman in the universe”, or “Kiss me.” That way you are learning something new and fun together. As you talk you can give each other a back rub or a sensual massage since Mondays sometimes tend to be hectic days.

Turn Him Out Tuesday. Prepare one of your husband’s favorite meals, and play a game like, “Feed His Desire.” Make it fun and playful with a roleplay, such as Chef and Connoisseur or to add more sizzle, enticer and the enticed, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Whip Cream Wednesday… Do I need to elaborate? 😊 That’s why it’s Hump Day, LOL! **A Word of Caution: Sugars on or in your vagina/vulva are a no-no. Sugars on his privates and anywhere else, a yes-yes!

Tantalizing Thursday. Fun, and Fire! Before your hubby goes off to work or leaves for the day, gently grab his hand and hold and caress it tenderly and erotically. While you caress it allow erotic thoughts to run through your mind. What you’re thinking will transfer through your touch as you caress him. He will notice and will be enticed. You just put something on his mind to get him in the mood for love, especially if you missed hump day! 😊

Foxy Fine Hot Cherry Wine Friday. One word… Jacuzzi. If you do not have a Jacuzzi take a hot bath or shower together. There’s something about water that is so erotic and stimulating…And, add a glass of wine if it’s your pleasure…

Sensuous Saturday- Light some sweet-smelling candles and have a romantic dinner by candlelight. (It doesn’t have to be home-cooked; it can be take-out), and tell your hubby what you like and love about him and ask him to do the same. Then, although it may be hard, ask him what he wants to see you improve on and grow in and Visa Versa. Also, use this time to reflect back on how you fell in love with each other, what you did back when you first dated, and rekindle that fire!

Super Sunday- Fix your man a real home-cooked meal – A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and he will do whatever you want him to do! And of course, be sexy while you are cooking. If you have children, roommates, visitors, etc., serve the dinner in bed, behind closed doors….

There it is, the 7-Day Passion Challenge. After you engage with your husband, please connect with me and let me know how it all went. My hope is that in as little as one week you will be more loving and more passionate than ever!

Always wishing you marital happiness and sexy success!

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