Intimate e-Sensuals: Take Back the Gift of Sex

I was listening to an interview with Joy Bloom, author of XES, Why Church Girls Tend to Get it Backwards, who said, “The church is silent on the issue of sex and then resents the world for the fun they boast about sex.” What truth.

Here is what God inspired me to write.

There are couples who have been married for 10, 15, 20 years, who have never discovered their sex life. How sad is that? That makes me feel bad for them. Their lives might be clicking on other cylinders, but if they are truthful with themselves, it feels empty for them; there is no fire, no passion.

They might love how they are living, may like what they do on their job or their career, may even go out, travel, and spend “quality time” together. But basically, they are in a sexless marriage. And if sex and sexuality is part of our human make-up, there has to be something about it that adds spark and fire to our lives. That’s a huge part people are missing out on because they think it’s not important, or have certain feelings and thoughts about it.

But once you ignite that passion and spark and honor it for what it really is, the adventure, the pleasure, the high standing, where it belongs in your marriage and in your life, oooh, you’ll spend more time with it, more time in it, more time delighting in it, more time enjoying it, and more time loving it, so you’ll spend more time doing it!

Sex is just like any gift from God. We cultivate and develop other gifts from God; singing, writing, dancing, playing sports, being artistic, painting, drawing, etc. Just as these are gifts we cultivate and develop, the same is true regarding the gift of sex. Evil forces have tried hard to take those gifts and turn them inside out, upside down, away from God’s good intention for those gifts.

That’s why you have people with the gift to dance in the strip club dancing naked for money; people with the gift to write poetry writing misogynistic rap lyrics; people with a gift to paint, painting graphically inappropriate art; and the entire world splattering the gift of sex all over the media in a derogatory and degrading fashion.

Sex is the most powerful gift! It has the power to create life! And the power to give you immeasurable pleasure! The thing that is the most powerful is the very thing the evil one and evil forces have taken hold of and turned against the body of Christ.

God has given me this honor and mission to help turn it back towards us; To get it back on our side, to get the evil one out of it, and put God back in it; to help people realize that the negative things they have been thinking about it are not really true; That God didn’t design sex to be this demonizing, manipulative tool where people could create every ugly thing they want to create or cause all the negative things they cause, or to manipulate people into doing every wrong thing they can think of under the sun for people to do. God did not create the gift of sex for that.

Think about this: Just as when people sing and write music for God how their gift is so anointed that it touches so many people and gives them great joy, pleasure, and fulfillment, the same thing happens with the gift of sex to your marriage. When we do it God’s way and have the understanding of what God intended for the sex in our marriage, yeah, we feel pleasure, we’re satisfied, gratified, thrilled, fulfilled, full of passion towards it, and we’ll be anointed by it and through it.

So it’s time to take back the gift of sex from the evil forces and wrongdoers and return it to the place it was originally intended, a sacred place. It’s time to put it back where it belongs: On God’s side and in His hands!

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