You’ve Come to the Right Place

“Sexual Wellness for Christian Wives” 

Welcome my beautiful sister!  You’ve come to the right place –  Let’s take a journey together of Truth, Encouragement and Hope!

Yes, that’s me, Mavis, and I am a very happily married Christian woman. I am also a Pastor’s wife who is not afraid to talk about sex. My passion is to bring awareness about sexuality to the body of Christ and have a conversation that many mothers didn’t have with their daughters. From my platform I educate women on sexual awareness and coach them into a healthy, satisfying sexual and romantic relationship. I will also help you increase your self-confidence and personal power. The women I educate are empowered to take what they learn back to the bedroom and are able to develop conversations with their husbands so they both can be fulfilled by this God-given gift.

I will tell you the truth. Sometimes our journey together will be a welcomed relief because you have found someone who can relate to your situation. Other times, it just might be a tiny bit uncomfortable but we can share what is on our hearts and talk about what’s been kept a secret because of shame or embarrassment, or we may just talk openly about what’s been taboo to you.

For a short time only, I am offering a no pressure coaching session to help you get started on your journey to fun and freedom! Don’t wait! I have a limited number of reservations available so take a moment right now to schedule a complimentary coaching call.  Your session will be confidential, discreet and caring.

You will also become encouraged!  Why? Because I am on your team!  I am here to support and cheer you on to wholeness and freedom! Most of all, I want to reignite your hope for your situation.

And of course, I can’t wait for you to meet my husband, Carl.  My friends tell me that I smile and giggle every time I hear his name. Well, that’s true.  Come along and I’ll tell you our secrets, well, at least most of them, to our very happy marriage. 😉  Let’s go!